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Ironman Wisconsin 2011.This picture was taken just before the race’s biggest hill. Pictures taken just after that hill are not so flattering.

Why? Why am I writing this blog? Why do I persist in running Ironman? Why don’t I get a hobby that’s actually fun? When one of the words most frequently used to describe your hobby is “grueling,” you may have missed a cue here and there. Stamp collecting rarely merits the description “grueling” and I can’t recall the last time I heard of going to the medical tent because someone did not drink enough at the bowling alley.

People have asked me how it’s going as I prepare for Kona. I tried to figure out a way to keep people posted without seeming too self-indulgent or self-congratulatory or just carpet bombing them with long emails that they don’t really want to read. So, I thought that I might write this blog to keep friends and family posted if and when they want to check in.  Here goes as I prepare for the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, on October 13, 2012. Along the way, I hope to answer a few questions but don’t be surprised if I ask a lot more questions than I find answers.


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