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This is Margy. According to the Ironman merchandise store, I’m Scott’s IronMate. I’ve hijacked Scott’s blog because I’m hoping to post on race day as your on-the-ground eyes and ears.

First, some expectation management… for those who have grown accustomed to Scott’s posts filled with poetic observations and self-reflection, mine will stick out like sore thumbs. Scott’s our family’s designated hitter when it comes to writing. My core competency is crying uncontrollably at anything remotely emotional (like McDonald’s Mother’s Day commercials or sushi on Tuesday evening.) Ever the competitor, Scott has been trying to outdo me at the tear duct race recently. Warning: there won’t be a dry eye on Saturday AM.

More expectation management… Kona is unlike all the other Ironmans where we’ve watched Scott over the years. As his family will attest, “Ironman viewing” is a competitive, exhausting endurance event, too. Try spotting an athlete 38 times (Ross family PR) during an Ironman and you’ll see what I mean. We have a race plan. And while we haven’t monitored heart rates, there’s plenty of physical and mental exertion. But this race will be entirely different as I’m a hostage at the transition area with all the road closures in Kona. I’ll try to keep you posted whenever I see Scott pass by, but I’ll be anxiously watching for his chip to cross the timing mats on, just like the rest of you.

Back to today’s post… Scott raced in the 15th annual Underpants Run this morning. As many of you know, Scott typically listed “Underwear Model” as his occupation on Ironman entry forms. For 13 events, he gave Mike Riley something fresh to poke fun at when announcing the finishers. (Meanwhile, Katie’s high school cross country coach was horrified when she learned of Scott’s job while viewing Madison race results one year).

Scott competed today in his tighty whities. Just like Mike Riley did. As they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! There was no shortage of “specimens” willing to bare nearly all. I remain concerned about the men and women who crafted suits out of kinesthetic tape. Ouch. Or the Japanese athletes running in breezy loin clothes.

Fortunately, there was no pressure on Ironmates to participate today.

More on Saturday.


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  1. OMG – love it man!

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