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To quote a totally exhausted Eastern European competitor at a very steamy IM Wisconsin who declared, “I queet,” so has Chris McCormack. Ironically, I chatted with his wife in the King Kam elevator about 30 minutes before hearing this news. (Yes, I’m bonding with all the other Ironmates – ha!) She told me that he wasn’t doing as well as they’d hoped, but he’d make it up on the run. Confidence must run in the family. Maybe next year…

Meanwhile, the lobby of the King Kam hotel looks like a war zone. Spectators are dropping like flies. Like me, most supporters are stuck in the transition area, but without a room at the inn, they’re sprawled on every available horizontal surface (including lots of carpet) in the hotel. The hotel’s pool is literally wall-to-wall people. This hotel is not on my list of all-time favorites, but as they say, “location, location, location.”

Scott looks to be doing well on the bike. I’m hoping he caught a tailwind heading out of town and not just adrenalin.


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  1. Watching the live feed and checking number tracker (at least until my bedtime!). Great job on the swim and bike, and you’re more than 1/3 done with the run (I will resist the urge to say, “You’re almost there!”). Hang tough, hombre. Bob

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