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Quick update as I just saw Scott as he left town around 7 mi. He looks really good! Couple shots from this AM…

Scott just before leaving me at the fence line. From here, he went to the porta-potty before joining the masses getting into the water. He suddenly came back to me in a panic asking for hand sanitizer. I didn’t have any in my camera bag, so he went to locate some in the medical tent before getting into the ocean. I took this as a good sign – Scott was just as neurotic this morning as he normally is. Jared, perhaps this helps explain why his transitions are so slow…

Final wave before walking down the steps from Kailua Pier.

Game face on!

They’re off with Hawaiian music and shell horns (?) blaring.

Figured I had a decent viewing spot as Chrissie Wellington was standing right in front of me. Of course, she was on the fence reserved for IM royalty, while I was with the mere mortals. I’m not sure who she was following, but she took off after seeing some female swimmers get on their bikes.

Out of the swim and looking for his fan club! He said he hoped his swim would be between 1:15 and 1:20. 1:17:22 just about split the difference.

Ready to mount his bike. Notice the loads of sun screen. That’s goodness as it’s cloudless this morning and around 75 degrees at this time. I’m hoping for a little cooling breeze on the Queen K Highway (but not too much!)

Riding down Palani Road back towards the hotel from the Queen K for a quick loop through town before heading north to the lava fields…

I saw him again as he headed out of town, but no photos.

More later. I’ll post another update after I see him next following T2.



    • Warren Thornthwaite
    • Posted October 13, 2012 at 3:00 pm
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    Thanks, Margy! it looks pretty windy out there on IronmanLive. Your post helps because the live coverage doesn’t seem to be featuring Scott as much as I’d hoped. Go, Scott, go!

  1. Great update, thanks! Go, Scott, go!

  2. Excellent Swim Scott!! Can’t wait to follow you on the bike!

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