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Here’s Scott coming down Palini Road into T2. I was SO relieved to see him coming off the bike. It’s going to be a brutally hot marathon, but I worry less about Scott on a run that I did when he was on the highway where he’s less in control of his destiny. Of course, visions of his fellow Wisconsin qualifier who broke his collar bone earlier this week flashed through my head repeatedly while I was anxiously awaiting Scott’s arrival into the transition.

I saw Scott again about 1/3 mile into the run (below). He told me that he pee’d five times on the bike (which means a dismount and more hand sanitizer for Scott). He also mentioned a penalty, although it wasn’t clear if he got one or not.

And finally, here’s a picture from around mile 10. Gad, he looks fresher than I do! The smile is hugely reassuring. Either he’s feeling pretty good, or he’s an excellent actor.

I’m headed down to the finish line. A not-so-friendly fellow from “Mark Allen Online” told me that I can’t get close to the finish unless I have “credentials.” Give me a break – who could be more important than the spouse of a nearly 14-time IronMan??

More after the finish!


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  1. Amazing! Great job, Scott, and great update, Margy! Thanks, and keep up the good work! Bob

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